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Today I got out and got active for the first time in a while. I have put on the rollerblades exactly once so far this year (I wheeled over to my grandparents on Shilshole a few months ago). This time I was told yesterday by evillinn that I must do this if I did not climb a mountain. Still, this sounded suspiciously like exercise. Jason insisted I go as well.

Not much to say about the actual rollerblade experience. We went out. I skated awkwardly at first, due to my inactivity and overall newness to this pastime, but I warmed up to it and was moving around quite well after a couple of times around Greenlake.

But this is really not about the rollerblading. FOr those of you who haven't read my actual paper journal (which is all of you!) that I gave up to start writing here, many of my entries are just notations of people I have met or encountered during my day. I started doing this a while ago because I do not have the memory I used to have. And re-reading mentions of people in my journal would bring bad memories that I could not recall without outside stimulation. So I started doing that as a regular thing.

On the trip today were the following people (not an exhaustive list):

I like Raven a lot. But for some reason we haven't clicked together. We don't just fall into conversations (though we have conversed on occasion), nor do we have a lot of common interests. Nevertheless, he's one of the coolest guys I know. Rollerblading around with him was kind of fun, and the only contact I've had with him other than situations that were excuses to hang out amongst the SeaGothim. In other words, this was a real activity.
She came over for pie last week. Really sweet smile and I think one of the shyest people I've met. Apparently she's been floating around the Vogue and the Mercury for a while, but I certainly didn't notice. I know. Shocker. Phil not noticing someone or something??! That's completely unheard of.
I can't believe you gave up on the actual skating so quickly! You organized this! I've also made this comment before, but I think it needs to be made again. No matter how much Deirdre claims to be looking for a sugar daddy, don't believe it! You may win this battle Deirdre, but I shall never be defeated!
She's one of the people who hang in the back corner of the Mercury around Augustine. I've never spoken to her before today, even though I hang back in the corner on occasion. She turns out to be a pretty nice person, in addition be nice looking and a good dancer (which is all I knew of her before). Although we still haven't been formally introduced nor introduced ourselves yet. Jason seems to like her. Also, I just figured out that she is "thedamned 666" on the Sea Goth board. Had never made the connection before.
oracle2c (Deborah)
I talked with her some at dinner afterward. Normally, I am pretty good at guessing ages. Frequently right on, and usually within a year or two. I would have placed her in the 26 to 28 range. I don't want to be an un-gentleman with even the few people who can read this here so the actual age will not be mentioned here, but I was off by a lot more than I usually am. I don't know what she has done to keep herself looking as good as she does (sold her soul to the devil? plastic surgery? actual exercise? just plain good living? I don't know!), but whatever it is, she should write it down and make a mint selling the technique to others.
First real interaction with Izzy, and he was probably the best actual skater of the group. Definitely one of the nice guys.


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