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King Rat


Yesterday I threw my second pie shindig. Twas a lot of fun, although I ended up getting started later than I thought due to work issues. I am too loyal to this place, dammit!

I made four pies: blueberry, strawberry, apple, and peach. They all turned out well, even though it was my first time making apple or peach pie (andI did forget to put in the cinnamon in the apple).

Attendees included:

  1. Laurie (rowansilverwing) & Rachel (Black Orchid) who showed up before the first two pies were out of the oven and hung out exclaiming how interesting it was to watch a guy actually cook while I was making up the second two.
  2. Rebecca (girlNeko), who I must apologize to if I misspelled your name. I forgot to ask. I never met her before this, but she lives a couple of blocks away with metalmensch. She wore a fabulous burgundy colored skirt. She was the quiet one of the bunch last night, but she smiles a lot and ate four pieces of pie before she had to deal with the blood sugar.
  3. Amanda and Leeanne, who are not board or Live Journal people.
  4. Jason, who called and offered to bring something but I didn't realize at the time I had no ice cream.
  5. Maria (Mariposa), who called about 5 times to see if the pie was ready and who would be there and who was already there before she actually showed up and had a good time.
  6. Shirley, looking spectacular in a tube top kind of thing.
  7. Tari (catsclaw), again, sorry for any misspelling of your name. Yet another person I hadn't met but who lived in the neighborhood. She showed up with lovely purple hair (one of my favorite colors).
  8. Jessica and Chris. Chris is apparently working his way out of the doghouse (he failed to show on a date with her last week). We flipped him quite a bit of crap for that, and he took it with grace. As he should.


Sum total (oxymoron!), 4 pies made, 2 completely eaten, and about enough to make 3/4 of a pie left. 11 attendees. Not a bad outing overall.


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