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King Rat


Drawing Flies - Indy movie financed by Kevin Smith. Pretty young people. Don't bother though. I had to fast forward through most of it.

Tears of the Sun. Saw this last night with onlyjanica at the Varsity in the U-District. I liked the movie all the way up to the end. Or actually, just past the end. Yes, the good guys win. You knew that would happen. It's what happens after the good guys win that bothered me. But everything up until that was great. Some great cinematography too. Early in the movie when Bruce Willis' team arises out of the water covered all in black. Not overly gory, and they made good use of the explosions. Not overdone. 3 stars.

Monster's Ball. This is a really good character study type movie. I don't agree with the idea that Billy Bob Thornton's character was really racist to start. At least not to the extent that you would think. There's only one scene where he does anything outlandishly racist, where he drives off a couple of black kids. I take that more as something done for his father than out of any innate animosity toward black children. To Sean Combs' doomed character, he always treated him well. Even though he was in a position of power. No, I don't think his shift in attitude was all that much. A shift yes, but not as serious as you would think. Still, there's not really much of a story here. Great acting. Great character study. But overall it didn't speak to me. Halle Berry is beautiful though. 3 stars. Maybe 4 if you catch me in the right frame of mind.


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