King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Cleanliness is next to godliness

I opened up my instant messenger1 at work yesterday. Sara, my friend from Moscow, sent me a message. We chatted some while I was working. Then the conversation went something like this:

We're friends right?

Yes. This is where I gave her a quizzical look she couldn't see.

So if I told you something that offended you, you would forgive me eventually, right? Now my quizzical look gets even greater. Maybe she's decided not to invite me to her wedding. Yes, another person I know getting married! Sheesh, they were all supposed to be married off when I was in my 20s!.

Yes, although you'll have to work pretty hard to offend me. So what's up?

You need to clean your house. Hmmm… this doesn't sound good. I haven't been in my house for 2+ years.

My house? Then something dawns on me. She was at my apartment for dinner last weekend. My condo you mean?

Yes. You need to clean it.

Well fuck. Between being depressed (minor depression folks) and my work schedule, I haven't cleaned the place since Christmas. Just tidied it up. Vacuuming the traffic areas. Cleaning the counters. Scrubbing the toilet and tub. But I haven't done much else. Lots of cat hair in corners and under things. Need to scrub some windows and walls. Get some cobwebs down. Spring cleaning is coming early people. Scrubbed the bathroom this morning ('cept the mirror).

FYI, I take criticism really well. Even from people I don't like. I'll give it less weight, but I still might do something. And while I don't like constant criticism, so if you are into that, buh bye! But I have no problem hearing and evaluating a well-placed talking to. So if you see me doing something that bothers you, or could just use some improvement, by all means tell me!

1MSN Messenger. If you want to add me, send email to asking for the email address. Please be aware that I may refrain from giving you the address I use for various and sundry reasons having nothing to do with how much I like you.


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