King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Renewed browser war ??!?

Been seeing a lot in slashdot (mostly dismissive in tone) and mainstream news sites about a renewed browser war now that Mozilla has gone 1.0.

Slashdot editors seem to think it's too late for a real browser war. THe other sites are really pushing that it could happen. Personally, I am really skeptical that the browser war is anything but over in a real sense. I suspect M$ operatives planting the story that there is gonna be real competition in order to stave off anti-trust action by Judge Kotar-Kelly.</p>

Nevertheless, I was waiting for Mozilla 1.0 to be finished so that I could switch back. The Netscape 4.0 series and 6.0 release were crap and I hated them. Liked IE not so much either, but it was palatable at least. Now that 1.0 is out (and Netscape 7.0 based on it) I found that it is extremely usable and stable, and so I have switched back over, except where I can't. (Internal work sites require IE. A few external sites I use do as well.) The biggest benefit is I can suppress pop-up windows natively. IE doesn't do that, and there were serious problems with all the add-ins that I tried that purported to solve that problem. I wish that Mozilla had support for P3P, though.


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