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Der Krieger und die Kaiserin

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Watched Der Krieger und die Kaiserin last night. This is the next movie from Lola Rennt director Tom Tykwer and also stars the lead from that movie, Franka Potente. The movie was nowhere near as good as his previous film. Not absolutely horrible, but still no better than 2 or 3 stars.

This movie is the story of Bodo and Sissi. Bodo is an ex-soldier who is a criminal. Sissi is an attendant at an insane asylum. He saves her life. Her life doesn't feel any different afterward, so she seeks him out because she thinks it should. He rejects her at first, but then she walks into a crime he is committing, and wittingly becomes part of the plot. On the run, they hide out in the asylum for a while.

Tykwer seems to be getting way more deep than his material can actually support. The best part of the movie was the scene under the truck in the beginning, which according to the making of documentary, was the genesis for the entire movie. Afterwards it just goes downhill. Overly long quiet moments and interludes to set the mood. Occasionally though, Tykwer starts putting some of his music in and that ain't bad.

Very disappointing though. See Lola Rennt instead.


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