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Modern Irish Short Stories

Modern Irish Short Stories coverCurrently reading Modern Irish Short Stories edited by Ben Forkner. Since these are short stories, I'm going to write short reviews each time I finish a couple of stories, rather than wait until I've finished the entire book.

George Moore, Home Sickness is the story of Bryden, who comes home to Ireland after living in America. He soon decides that Ireland is truly his home, meets a girl, and decides to marry. But shortly before the wedding, he begins to yearn for America again, and heads to the New World a second time. He never returns. Was he sick for home, or sick at home?

E. OE. Somerville (Edith Somerville) and Martin Ross (Violet Florence Martin), Poisson d'Avril is an Irish version of Plains, Trains, and Automobiles. It chronicles a trip by train of a man when nothing seems to go right. He's forgotten to pick up the salmon. When a station master assures him he has time to run to a store to pick up a salmon, he finds the train heading out of the station on his return. The station master manages to halt the train, and he is able to continue his journey. He encounters more troubles along the way. The story highlights what the protagonist calls the personal element. The fun part of the story is watching him interact with the various people in what supposedly is a uniquely Irish way.


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