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King Rat


Last week, some guy in Deary tracked me down and wanted to know if he could rent my house. I thought about it a bit, talked with his employer (his dad) and ultimately turned him down. However, it spurred me to really get off my ass and get rid of the albatross that is my house in Idaho. I know I posted about this a while ago. I even contacted a real estate agent in Moscow. However, I didn't really do much.

Last week, I really got the ball rolling though. The real estate agent went out to the house, but wasn't able to get in. The folks had left it locked up tight when they took off. This is good; the last time renters bailed, a door was kicked in in the week the house was empty. I digress though. The real estate agent is mailing me some paperwork, and I talked to a locksmith about redoing the locks. He should be able to get to it this week and will drop a pair of keys off at the realtor's office.

I am gonna take a bath on this house. I know it. As long as it sells for more than I currently owe on the mortage, I will be happy.


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