King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Meandering crap

Was supposed to have dinner with Deirdre last night. Haven't had the change to hang with her since Christmas morning. I showed up at her place right around 7, but there was no answer on the call board. Wandered around the block a few times and called up a few more times. Still no answer by 7:45 so I picked up some teriyaki at Ichi's around the corner and caught a bus back to my place. Turned out Deirdre had her phone off and didn't realize it. And no, I am not mad about it at all. Stuff just happens.

After eating my huge $5 plate of teriyaki though, I VPNed into work and started knocking off the last of my sailings & itin spec. Finished up around 2:30 a.m. Have a few known bugs, but it's basically done. Now onto the content management spec. Pray for me.

Checked my email. Escrow agent notified me the wire went through. I've done everything on my end now. Only thing left now is that the bank delivers their money, and the escrow company pays off the seller and their bank. Need to add my mortgage payment into bill payer. Now I also get to be part of the condo association meetings. For some reason I am strangely looking forward to that. Thought occurred on the way to work that I should look into buying a one person shell for rowing. Have to see about storing it in the parking garage, but being that this building is built on a pier, I could get out and get exercise that way. I think I could get into it. Don't know how much a basic boat like that would cost though. Can't be too horrible if I don't care if it's all that great.

Now, to see about taking a catnap, cleaning this place, and making a phone call.


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