King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


I just spent more money in one half hour than I ever have in a single point in my life ever.

The down payment plus closing costs on my condo were $46,003. $6,100 of that I've already paid. $5,000 was my earnest money. $1,100 was the return of my deposit for renting this place. That left $39,903 left to pay.

Apparently I didn't add up what was in my accounts too well though. I thought I was going to be short, so I directed my broker to sell some of the stock I own which was slated for my retirement. That was supposed to settling at the close of the stock market today (1:30 p.m. PST). But the cut-off to get the money wired to my escrow agent was around 11 a.m. So I was freaking out a little. However, when I looked at what I had in my bank accounts ($17,700) plus what was in my money market with the broker ($24,973) I figured I could make it. The worry was that I wouldn't have enough to cover my bills for the next month. I have a $1,000 balance on my credit card, $850 for the mortgage on my house in Idaho, plus other miscellaneous stuff. Total on my bills for the next month, about $2,000. That leaves me about $700 to live on til my next paycheck in two weeks. Shouldn't be too difficult, but I still haven't received my phone bill and I need to replace my cell phone. Nothing I think I really need to worry about, but I like to keep a $1,000 cushion at all times for emergencies. In other words, I better not have an emergency in the next 2 weeks. Actually, thinking about it now, I could pay less than the full amount on my credit card. I hate doing that, as it gets me in trouble. But in a pinch I could carry a balance for a month on that. Paycheck after next is when I get my bonus (not sure what that is yet) so I should be totally fine at that point.

Anyway, if everything goes through today like it is supposed to, sometimes around noon tomorrow I own my condo.

Current plan is to celebrate the first full day of my ownership on Thursday with a friend. Not sure what we'll do, but right now I only have Ramen, a couple of Budget Gourmet frozen entrees, a few potatoes, and a couple of cans of Campbell's Soup. Probably not going to cook anything fancy on that ingredient list.


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