King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Carlos Guillen

Carlos Guillen was arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence after Wednesday night's game against the St. Louis Cardinals. I went to that game, and it was a good one that the Mariners won 5 to 0.

Recently though, someone related a story of being at a party where Carlos Guillen was horribly drunk. The person who related the story to me said that she watched as a drunken party-goer tried to tell Carlos how to be a better shortstop. Apparently, they even enlisted the use of someone else at the party who was from Venezuela to translate the drunken dialogue.

I don't if it's indicative of anything. He did have a game the next day, and yet was drinking heavily the night before. Now he is heavily drinking after a game (assuming that he is guilty of the offense he's been accused).

So the question to me is: with all the sports figures who do this sort of thing, party before and after games, frequent strip clubs, speed in fancy cars, etc, where is their common sense? I mean, I learned early on to keep my partying to a minimum when I had important engagements. DO sports figures just never learn this lesson?


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