King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Pete Rose should not be reinstated

According to ESPN, the Commissioner of Baseball, Bud Selig, requires three things from Pete Rose in order to reinstate him (which would have the side effect of making him eligible for the Hall of Fame). The first term is that he admit he bet on baseball games. The second is that he apologize for his behavior. And the third is a probationary period during which he will be expected to show true contrition. According to the story, if Rose can meet those terms, Selig will reinstate him.

That is extremely wrong. Pete Rose is one of the great players of all-time. However, I am of the opinion that gambling on the game and taking compensation to harm the competition is the greatest foul in sport. Worse than taking drugs to improve ones performance as an athlete. At least in that case the miscreant is subverting the rules to gain an advantage. But subverting the rules to be at a disadvantage (which is what gambling on your own sport does) makes the contest no longer a contest.

Pete Rose bet on baseball. He subverted the point of the game for years. After agreeing to let the MLB put him on the ineligible list, he denied for 13 years that he bet on baseball. And the Commissioner expects us to believe that 8 months of saying I'm sorry makes up for this? I know that something like 75% of the American public agrees with this, but they do not know what kind of Pandora's Box they are opening. Pete Rose should never be allowed to work in professional baseball again. Ever. Find another line of work, Pete. If we let you back in, we have to let back in every other athlete who throws games as well.

And for that matter, Shoeless Joe Jackson should not be reinstated either. Yes, he played better than he should have if he was throwing a World Series game. However, he accepted money from a gambler to throw the game. And he knew others were doing so. He kept quiet. Perhaps he returned the money and disavowed the conspiracy. His disavowal didn't go far enough. If I walk on the field knowing my teammates are fixing the game, then I am just as guilty. The man should have revealed his knowledge.


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