King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Independence Day party

I am going to have a small Independence Day (that's the Fourth of July) party at my apartment. I will be providing some food (home-cooked, but not sure what yet), chips, beer, and other party necessities. I am thinking this will start in the early afternoon and go til everyone leaves. Mostly just a lazy afternoon and evening to celebrate our independence from England. (Don't you all just feel so happy that King George is no longer ruling us?)There could be music, swimming, a movie with explosions.

My apartment sits on Lake Union on a pier, offering a view of the Lake Union fireworks. Also the Elliot Bay fireworks can be seen, although that is further away.

This is not a general invite (there's only so much parking and room), but if you can read this, you are invited, and feel free to bring a guest or two. Please let me know by the 1st if you are going to come, so I can plan how much food and alcohol to provide.


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