King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Pics, mostly of me

Freshman pic
I think this is my freshman pic from high school.

Junior Year 86
The photo from my student ID card my last year of high school at Seattle Prep. Taken Fall 1986.

Prom 87
Prom portrait, May 1987. Yeah, I got a hell of a lot better looking that year. Still, note that I have grown a mullet.

Phil is a professional escort
My dorm awarded a Girl of the Year type award. Each residence hall and sorority got to nominate one of their residents. I think spring 1988. Could be as late as spring 1990. She was in the Alpha Phi sorority. I was this girl's date/escort. Every nominee had one. I think she disappeared as soon as she found out she didn't win. Every dorm, fraternity, and sorority had some award like this. It was mostly an excuse to throw a function.

Undated photograph
Pretty sure this was summer of 1990. Rus and I each paid this itinerant photographer an exorbitant sum for a couple of portrait. There were lots of these guys who would come through town, making a quick buck off students who didn't know how much they should be paying for things. Still have the mullet.

Family Christmas 91
Christmas 1991, I think taken at my Aunt Sue's

Undated photograph
Not sure when this was taken. Some time after the Christmas picture above I believe, but I really don't know.

Vandal ID card early 90s
From my University of Idaho ID card sometime in the early 1990s.

Family portrait 2000
We got this taken a couple of years ago so my mom would have some recent photos. I was sicker than a dog that day, hence my horrid expression.

And a final bonus:
Carrier of the month, 1983
A snapshot taken when I won the paper carrier of the month award in 1983 when I was a Seattle P-I paper boy.

Unfortunately, none of them show me when I had really long hair past my shoulders. I don't know if there are any photos of that. I certainly don't have any that I could find.


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