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10 year reunion

My ten year high school reunion was in 1998. For the reunion, the committee asked us to provided an update on our lives. This was included in a booklet that was given to everyone who showed up at the reunion. Here's a couple of examples of things that people wrote about themselves (names removed).

  • Attended Gonzaga (BA History) and Seattle University (Masters in Teaching). Had a blast at Gonzaga. Got a great education at Seattle U. Taught for 5 years—high school social studies, junior high religion and middle school self-contained. Married 4 years ago. Followed him to California and Texas while he finished serving in the Army. After our first baby is born in September, we will be moving to Washington D.C.
  • Graduated from Santa Clara University in 1992. Recently married J., a fellow SCU graduate. Since graduating from SCU, I have worked for various companies in the Bay Area, most recently moving from corporate finance at Oracle to sales finance at Cisco Systems. J. is employed by our alma mater, working in SCU's Alumni House as an associate director. Our spare time is spent puttering around our new home, or looking for obscure wines to add to our cellar.
  • Attended University of Washington. Currently an International Sales Manager for Four Seasons Hotel at Beverly Hills. I am enjoying traveling the world and getting paid for it!
  • Attended Washington State University, earned BA Architecture, BS Arch. Studies. Currently an architect.
  • Attended Washington State University (BA English). Work as Marketing Director at Northern Life Insurance Company. Married in October of 1994. Since high school have traveled to Europe, Asia and twice to the Caribbean. Bought first house in December and am living in Fremont.

Here's what I wrote:

Shortly after leaving Prep in 87, the German class went on a trip through Germany, which was the beginning of a three year drinking career, coinciding with my first three years of college. Luckily enough, the University of Idaho does not expel students while they can pay, especially if they can manage to keep a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

At the start of my first senior year of college, I quite drinking. Oddly enough, my grades took a nose dive at this point. Something about not being able to sit still when sober. After two more years of this, I took some time off to get my head on straight. In this endeavor I was not completely successful, as I have yet to complete a degree of any type.

However, my grades did improve on my return to school and I had developed a reputation as a top-notch programmer by 1995, and I started working at Pacific Simulation, in Moscow, Idaho. PacSim provides the highest quality solutions to challenges in the pulp and paper industry by combining our expertise in chemical engineering, process control and software development to create a technical and economic benefit to our clients. After a year and a half, I led the development on the IMAS family of software. However, after three years, PacSim had problems both with management and finance. Following approximately 15 rats from the sinking ship, I took a position as a junior engineer with Spur Products in May of 1998, where I have been quite happy for the last 3 months. My experience has shown me that I am quite a good, if arrogant, programmer.

During the last 11 years, I developed interest. I became a decent pool player. I amassed a collection of 400 to 500 books at one point. I turned a large interest in drinking coffee into an investment in a coffee shop in Moscow, which is slowly failing. However, my stock investments are doing much better. I have worked on political and environmental campaigns, as well as volunteered in Idhao prisons. The instruments I learned to play as a child fell into disuse and I have not spoken a word of German in years. My vacation last year was a random drive from point to point, deciding each day where I would go the next. In that way I traveled the breadth (or was it the length) of Canada and the US.

In my personal life, I have yet to marry or have children. To my mother's chagrin, neither will happen anytime soon. On the other hands, I have two cats, Cayman and Guinevere. Perhaps I will become the crotchety old man who lives down the street, coming out on my stoop to yell, Hey you kids! Keep off the damn grass! waving my walking stick and adjusting the volume on my MiracleEar®

When I left the reunion, I found about 10 people in the parking garage performing a dramatic reading of my text.

I also note that I still have and use the same e-mail address they printed in this directory.


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