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I submit

  • Name – Philip Andrew Weiss
  • Born in – Northwest Children's Hospital, Seattle
  • Resides in – Eastlake, Seattle
  • Good student? – not really
  • Eyes – Blue
  • Hair – Dishwater blond, except where I am thinning. Pink scalpy color there.
  • Shoe size – 10½–11½, depending on the show company

Last time you…

  • Had a nightmare – haven't had a real nightmare in ages
  • Said "I love you" and meant it – Sunday morning, in an email
  • Ate at McDonald's – last week
  • Dyed your hair – never
  • Brushed your hair – 1996 or 1997 maybe. Haven't had my hair long enough since.
  • Washed your hair – 2 hours ago
  • Cried – Christmas morning
  • Called someonemrsloane last night
  • Smiled – I think Monday night
  • Laughed – on phone call to sloane
  • Talked to an ex – via instant messenger this morning

Do You…

  • Smoke? – not even a single drag ever
  • Do drugs? – not once
  • Have sex? – theoretically, but not currently
  • Sleep with stuffed animals? – nope
  • Have a dream that keeps coming back? – not anymore
  • Play an instrument? – 4 years piano, 2 on violin. been 16 years since i attempted it though
  • Believe there is life on other planets? – yes. that we'll ever find? no.
  • Remember your first love? – i remember the sickness i thought was love
  • Still love him/hee? – no
  • Read the newspaper? – at least one newspaper every day, plus occasional other newspapers and frequent viewings of national and international news web sites
  • Have any straight friends? – they are all gay
  • Consider love a mistake? – nope
  • Like the taste of alcohol? – oh yes!
  • Believe in God? – yes
  • Pray? – yes
  • Go to church? – no
  • Have any secrets? – i'll pretty much tell you anything, although out of deference i will often refrain from relating stories that i am not sure the other people involved would approve of being generally known
  • Have any pets – Guinevere
  • Talk to strangers who instant message you – don't get these anymore, but when I did, I usually replied
  • Wear hats? – occasionally
  • Have any piercings? – no
  • Have any tattoos? – no
  • Hate yourself? – no
  • Have an obsession? – no
  • Have a secret crush? – no
  • Collect anything? – junk
  • Have a best friend? – yes
  • Like your handwriting? – no
  • Have any bad habits? – plenty
  • Care about looks? – yes
  • Boy/girlfriend's looks? – yes, although my definition of good-looking varies from day to day and isn't your typical view of beauty
  • Friends and other people? – grooming is, and i will often tut-tut at people who don't keep themselves up generally
  • Believe in witches? – no, although i suppose there is an extremely remote chance
  • Believe in Satan? – no, although i suppose there is an extremely remote chance
  • Believe in ghosts? – no, although i suppose there is an extremely remote chance


  • Dress – swag t-shirt, khakis
  • Mood – better than decent
  • Make-up – no
  • Music – no
  • Taste – decaf americano
  • Hair – parted on the right today
  • Annoyance – cow-workers
  • Smell – plugged up
  • Thought – will anyone care about my answers to this survey?
  • Book – The Gift of Dyslexia, almost finished. Just finished Until Proven Guilty. Have to picked a new book tonight.
  • Fingernail Color – natural
  • Refreshment – none
  • Worry – my house
  • Favorite Celebrity – i dislike celebrity

Last Person…

  • You Touched – Deborah, Saturday @ the Merc
  • You Talked to – John at Hines Public Market Coffee
  • You Hugged – Deborah, I think on New Year's
  • You Instant messaged – Karri
  • You Yelled At – April, in October 2000
  • You Had A Crush On – not saying, but she's reading this
  • Who broke Your Heart – no one, really
  • Kissed – not saying, but she's reading this

Who do you want to…

  • Kill – no one
  • Slap – this list is incredibly long
  • Tickle – i don't like tickling
  • Talk To – Sloane, Deborah, Deirdre, my mom, Bjarne Stroustroup
  • Have Sex with – not saying, but she's reading this
  • Kiss – not saying, but she's reading this
  • Be Like – Cleo K. Hathaway

At least I formatted the thing nicely. And no, I'm not going to reveal the person behind the not saying answers. I was nice enough to allow you to narrow it down to the 50-odd women on my friends list. Besides, she knows who she is.


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