King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Recruiters, a level of hell reserved all for them

I haven't mentioned recruiters in my journal ever. I don't think I've ever even written about them in my paper journal. Now is the time.

First, let's talk about Snowdogs, a local recruiter. Back when I worked for Microcrafts/Vanteon, it became apparent to me that the company was going under. As was wont to happen during the tech boom (although this was after the boom had started to go bust, the recruiters just hadn't realized it yet), I received a call out of the blue one day at work from Snowdogs. I told them I couldn't talk to them while on the clock. That would be unethical.

I should have known. I talked to them at home. I gave them my resume. They promised the world. Two days later, I got a call at my desk from Brad down the hall. He wanted to know if I was looking for another job. He had received a call from Snowdogs, and as part of their pitch to him, they threw out my name to entice him. I called Snowdogs up. I told them that I would not work with them, and that if they did pass my resume around to anyone, then I would consult a lawyer.

As someone who has interviewed and hired people at 3 of my 5 jobs, I have also had to deal with recruiters from that end. Generally speaking, they always gave us completely underqualified people to interview, after gussying up their resumes to pass through the first round.

Two of five jobs I got through recruiters. But basically, all they did was get my resume and pitch it to as many places as they could find help wanted ads. Nothing else. I won't work through your basic recruiters ever again. They all make it seem like they are exclusive headhunters. The truth is, very few are conducting job hunts at the request of an employer. It's a con game. It's why many ads these days say principals only. That company doesn't want to deal with the recruiters. And in this market, there's no need for them to do so. Why would they pay out thousands of dollars for what is essentially just a second e-mail address at which to receive resumes? Cause that's about all a recruiter does. They aren't searching or matching. They aren't finding the best candidate for a company or screening. For the candidates, they don't have an inside track to a hidden job market or even an unknown opening. Pretty much any opening a recruiter knows about you can find out about as well by search web sites.

Stay away from the vampiric bloodsuckers!


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