King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Waiting for builds

I write software for a living. Normally, the process when writing software in C++ goes something like this: write text, convert text to language machine understands, run program, figure out what went right or wrong, and repeat. The portion "convert text to language machine understands" is called building. And in the case of our software product, it sometimes takes a while for a build to run. A full build currently takes about an hour on my development machine. I can't do much else during the period.

Now looking at that number, you might think that a large portion of my day is spent waiting for builds to complete. You'd be correct. So what do I do with that time? I surf. Read specs. Follow up on e-mail. Etc. Etc. Perhaps some of this time will be filled up by making entries here. Like, for instance, right now.

Just so you know why there may be frequent updates during the day.

Tags: software development, work

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