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One of my resolutions was to cook more, instead of eating out or fixing from a box. My method to accomplish this is going to be making a dinner 3 or 4 times a month for friends. Keep the gatherings small, with only 4 to 6 people. Try to get different people to come over, so I can get to know people a bit better.

So I was looking at my calendar, and I realized that I have Friday off due to a move to a new office. Hafta have everything boxed up by Thursday. We are then denied access to either building until Monday morning, while movers transport everything from one building to another. Perfect opportunity for the second of these dinners. Gives me time to pick up any ingredients I need without rushing.

At least one person has told me to be careful lest I get a reputation for cooking.

Anyway, I have invitees for Friday's dinner. But if any readers are interested in eating food made by an inexperienced cook, let me know. However, I will be making a point to invite the less outgoing and forthright. I spent too many years being shy and withdrawn, waiting for people to invite me to do something. I still remember that. Now that I have more confidence and more friends, I want to try to include people who are like I used to be. And what I feel like sometimes still.


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