King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Passive voice

Remember way back to your writing classes in junior high and high school? Remember how you were told that passive voice is something to be avoided?

I do. I hate passive voice in writing. Sometimes it slips through in my writing, but I'm generally looking for it and trying to eliminate it. Even in crack bored posts.

Friday, I received an email from FlexCar, telling me that my membership application has been delayed. I have been resisting th urge to write back and ask who delayed it and why.

Passive voice is for weaklings who are trying to avoid responsibility. It is cover your ass mentality. As if leaving off the subject of a sentence means there is no subject. There is still someone/something that is performing the action.

They would have pleased me more if they had simply written: Due to the holidays, we have not yet processed your application.


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