King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

New Year's Resolutions

Not necessarily in prioritized order, or in my chances of success. I should point out that these are goals. These are plans. They are not something that I will feel bad if I don't succeed at. The point of a plan is to give myself focus. I can look at the plan and see if I am doing something to further the plan or not. And the plan is updated frequently. It should not be the same plan 6 months from now. Don't know if I will write a new journal entry with a new plan when I make one. Also, for the most part I haven't put too much thought into these. A few are things I've thought about. Some others are kind of off the cuff.

  • Get my project out the door at work.
  • Sell my house
  • Buy my condo
  • Average 1 book read per week
  • Write the cryptographic service provider for AES
  • Find a girlfriend
  • Have sex (must have sex at least once in each calendar year to avoid being a loser)
  • Have dinner with my grandparents at least once per month, and start inquiring as to what I can do to help them. They are getting older and I am worried they will need some help in the next few years. Good idea to start planting the seed now.
  • Get in better shape
  • Travel somewhere nice, perhaps Italy
  • Volunteer for something
  • Get involved in politics again
  • Take a good project management class

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