King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Strange dream: dog and bird-monster

I am at a patio or garage on some sort of vacation. There is a big puddle outside, it's deep in places. A dog splashes around in it lured to our place by something. I wade in after it, trying to lure it in. He won't come. But I manage to get a hold of it anyway. It's a cocker spaniel. It has a medical tag on it with hit's name. I can't remember the name anymore. Suddenly the dog jumps away from me and runs off chasing something and I am left holding the tag.

I find it next door. It has jumped over a couple of fences. After a commotion, it jumps back over one of the fences into the yard next door. It hides in a trellis/gazebo like apparatus. I can see it through the greenery. The neighbor, a dwarf, comes walking back. He sells me some fresh cranberries to lure the dog with. I pay him $3, except when I fumble for the money I drop some of the cranberries. I only had a $1 bill and some fives and twenties. So I walk back to our place and get some ham, which I cut into smaller pieces. I take that back over to where the dog is. I toss a couple pieces in so he can have them and get a taste of them. I plan on dangling a couple more pieces bu make him come to me. Except that after he wolfs down the free ones, all gets quiet. I walk around the gazebo thing, and there is a young man inside now. He is blond, about 15 to 20.

He is kind of groggy, so I lead him back to our place again, and into a bedroom while I go look for cold compresses. For some reason a gear or cog comes off in my hand. Don't remember exactly how that happened. Then I hear a thumping in the hallway against the wall. It stops. I open one half of the double doors. The larger half. Outside the door lays a body, partially in a body bag. I look outside but see nothing. I throw open the other door, and in the hallway is a bulbous pale beaked thing. It's head is almost all beak, except for small coal like eyes. It has arms jointed like a human's but they are thin and scrawny like a birds. He is cloaked.

The thing wants the young man who was a dog in the bedroom. It hisses it's demand into my hear quietly in a whisper. I refuse to give him up. Suddenly, both the boy and the bird-thing are attacking me, and each other. And something else is attacking me too. The bird thing consumes the boy, but I stab my attacker and it falls apart into a mess of cogs and springs. I attack the bird thing, as it appears wounded or exhausted. It too falls apart after repeated stabbings into a pile of springs and cogs and pulleys and miscellaneous garage parts.


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