King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Rebekah Sharp

Fifth in the series.

This one might seem odd, as I have had very little personal interaction with Becky. I talked with her a couple of times at the Mercury. She has Aspbergers Syndrome, which makes conversing with her difficult sometimes. She would start a conversation, then tend to drift off as if she was embarrassed or not sure how to continue talking with me. I'm sure I didn't help much. Her topic was invariable industrial music, of which I am actually pretty ignorant. I can't talk about it much, as I don't know the bands, the albums, or much else about it. I know it's played at the Mercury a lot, and that I like dancing to it. So it was hard for me to hold up my end of the string. Add in that I don't know what cues I should have given her and it made for short conversations. Which is too bad.

See, I think she's one of the cooler people I've met. I always looked forward to reading her posts on the crack bored. More so than anyone else's. She had absolutely no fear of puncturing people's sacred cow balloons. She was the queen of witty, acerbic one-liners that cut right to the chase.

Toward the end of her active period on the bored, she started writing more. And even wrote a few live journal entries of a personal nature. While she seemed to lack direction in conversation drifting off because of personal interaction issues, in her writing she was clear. She had a point of view. I wanted to read more.

Sadly for me, but probably not for her, Becky did what so many others who got pissed off at the crack bored couldn't. She left it. I admire her for that too. Seen too many I'm leaving posts over the years on various message boards. THe person is pissed off, but invariably they show up again. Sometimes within days. Becky posted no farewell. She shut everything down and walked away. More power to her. No need for the aggravation.

Anyway, if you still peruse live journal at all, I'm not asking you to come back Becky. I just want you to know you are appreciated. Your style is not for everyone. I can see why some get their knickers in a twist when reading things from you. But I liked your style. I wish you the best in life.


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