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Third in a series.

I've known Darren for about 3 years. He's been a friend of Jason's for years. For most of this time, he was this guy Jason knew. I'd say hi when we wandered through Musicwerks on Saturday nights. I'd hang with him a bit at the Vogue or the Mercury.

During the last year though, I've got to know him a lot better. It started with Loser's Lunch, Sloane's idea for hanging out Sunday afternoons after the two of them got pickled Saturday nights, and none of us got anywhere with the women. Well, Sloane and Darren occasionally did, and usually regretted it. We'd hang out and tell each other lies. Give each other bad advice.

See, underneath the MindHive exterior, Darren is actually decent. It takes work to be that stupid. He's murder on the nitwits, but friends with the genuine. In addition, he's always entertaining. Watch one of his shows where he plays. He'll tell you he's not the best drummer in the world. But he sure can put on a show. Put him together with an industrial front-man who can't do more than stand on stage and play a tape, and you'll still have a good show. Take him away from a stage, and he can make wherever he is into a performance.

Again, like the other people who mean a lot to me, Darren is someone who I trust not to hurt me. Pretty much every single entry in this journal, even the most private ones, can be read by him. Unlike others, he doesn't offer much advice. But occasionally, he will. Mostly to bring me away from the wallflower state.

He's been to both my Do Nothing weekends. Pie Nights. Fourth of July on Lake Union. And just over to hang out a couple of times. Numerous Loser's Lunches. Many nights at the clubs. He brings levity, enjoyment, and good conversation wherever he goes.


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