King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

All things considered

Some random notes from this lovely Monday morning.

I need a Walkman radio so I can listen to Morning Edition on the bus.

I have some sort of low grade eye infection. For a couple of years (96 to 98) I was getting them all the time. Eyes would dry out, then all of a sudden they would swell up, and then the styes would appear after they swoll up. I suspect this time it has to do with all the crying I've been doing the last week or so.

I'm starting James Crumley's The Last Good Kiss. I haven't read any of my Crumley in years. I vaguely remember liking the books. We'll see how well he holds up to The New Phil.

I have a premonition. Today will be all right. At least through work. I have decided not to work from home. I will go in to the office.


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