King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Preparation (Friday night)

I was supposed to go out dancing and clubbing with Shirley tonight, but I canceled a few days before when I realized that I had to get up at 5 a.m. to get to Mt. Rainer in time.

Instead, I spent the evening after work getting the last few little things I needed: some freeze dried food, a whistle, cramp-ons, first aid kit, etc.

For some reason, getting all this stuff laid out took longer than I thought. I had expected to go to sleep around 9 or 10, but instead got to bed around midnight.

Actually, I know the reason why it took so long. I have the amazing ability to misplace anything. Every morning I spend 15 to 30 minutes looking for my car keys. I can never remember where I placed them. I should have a spot right by the door to put them. I do have a spot right by the door to put them. But I never ever remember when I come in that I should but my keys there. Not once. I did the same with much of my gear. I shuffled around looking for my spare hiking shirt, when I had already packed it. Couldn't find my new Leatherman knife. And on and on.

I managed to get everything I had and thought I needed into the pack and placed by the door. I set my alarm for 4:45 a.m., and then went to sleep.

Next entry, Approach (Saturday morning).


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