King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

People who hurt you

First, there's the straight off people who are out to get you. They aren't a problem. You figure out who they are pretty quickly. However, do remember they don't do these things because they are wrong, they do them because in their mind it is right.

Then there's the people who will consider you, and although their decisions may hurt you, they take you into account as much as possible. They can have their moments and lash out. But by and large, you are safe with them.

And lastly there's the people who don't want to hurt you, but are selfish people at heart. When balancing between themselves and anyone else, they choose themselves. These are the dangerous people. They have varying degrees of good intentions and because of that it can be awful hard to tell them apart from the people in the previous category. They are dangerous because they are wolves in sheep's skin.

And there are a lot of people with whom you do not have enough interaction, so it doesn't matter which category of the three you place them into. They aren't in a position to hurt you.

I mention all of this because about 2 weeks ago I was for sure able to put someone else in the second category. This has been an unusual year for me. For the year, I have put at least three people into that category. And I have strong indications that two more people could go into that category.

The last year that I was able to put so many people into this category was 1992. That was the year I changed direction in my life. Helping me along were a stable of confidants and helpers. I do not stay in contact with any of them. But I know where to find them, and I would still trust them with my most intimate problems. Dave Hegeberg, Nelson Abbey, Sam Couch, Stephen Trundy, Jerry Pastore, Kelly Crook, Patrick MacQuarrie, and Bill Stevens. Eight people in one year is my record so far.


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