King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Role model

Those of you reading this who are parents might already have this. I don't. Never having fathered anyone, I don't have a built in base who could look up to me as a role model. Not that being a father means you are a good role model. But that is part of the job. Outside of that, one has to look for such opportunities. Or they may occasionally fall into your lap.

I have three brothers, all of whom are younger: Dan, Matt, and Joe. I have one sister: Elaine. I get along great with all of them. But Matt, Matt looked up to me. We didn't spend much time together because we lived in different states for much of the last 15 years. But his eyes lit up when he saw me. And from what the rest of my family tells me, he admired me.

I am not saving the world really. I am not a social worker, Peace Corp volunteer, teacher, inventor, or astronaut. I am not doing great things in the world. Not everyone can be Winston Churchill. I am fine with that. I contribute. Occasionally I lead. I have a meaningful place. But damn it felt nice to be looked up to. Just having held a job and being his brother qualified me in Matt's eyes. I miss that.

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