King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

People I've met recently

Friday night's Mercury DJ, I officially met her at lounge night a few weeks ago. She was out last night too, and very very drunk. Still, Lee managed to beat her.
Lisa kind of sticks out so I've known who she is for ages, but I haven't actually met her. Been telling her in Join Live Chat! for a couple of weeks now that I would introduce myself. She was out last night. First, she was in conversation with Jon. Then, she took off her coat and was wearing her mesh dress–thong–nipple tape outfit that she wear occasionally. Intimidating to introduce yourself to someone wearing that little. You have to force yourself to look at her face. Can I be blamed for talking to someone's breasts when they dress like that? I think I was pretty successful though. Anyway, did manage to get her attention as she was walking by eventually.

Oh, and Deborah, I am holding you to your statement last night as we were walking out of the club!

Now… to pick a menu for tomorrow nights dinner and to make sure I have correct ingredients. I love cooking for people.


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