King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

She wouldn't let me leave

The next horror story isn't so much horrific to the date itself, but for the tail end of it. I don't remember her name. We'll call her Sam. Sam I met through an online personals ad. Or Yahoo chat. I can't remember which. I think Yahoo chat. This was right after I moved up to Seattle. I had a picture of her. Only she had sent me a 5 year old picture. It wasn't representative of how she looked by the time we had our date. She easily weighed 250 and had more hair on her face than I did. I've dated some overweight girls before, and it never really bothered me. But 250 and 5'6" was obese.

After the date, I drove he back to her apartment in Factoria. Walked her up to her apartment, and then turned around to leave. She wanted to show me something though. Can't remember what. Should've said now. Was trying to be polite. So I went in. Saw whatever it was, and then started edging toward the door. But she kept on putting herself between me and the door. Mentioned that I had work. She responded with stay a while. I said I really couldn't. She kept on placing herself between me and the door, while trying to continue the conversation. Finally, I slipped past. Through the door, I told her I had a nice time (I did), and wished her a nice evening. Then ran to the car.

Yes, ran.


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