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Star Trek: Nemesis

Nemesis marqueeGot to see Star Trek: Nemesis yesterday afternoon. Wasn't really planning on seeing this movie, but since management has decided that all techies are Trekkies, this would make a great morale event. I'd have to say it's better than all the other Next Generation movies. However, it suffers from a persistent problem with Star Trek: you always know the good guys win or at least survive. The bad guys do not get to take over the universe. So the movies lose their edge.

So the basic plot is this (don't worry, if I reveal something important, I'll put it behind <lj-cut>), just after Riker and Troi get married, the Enterprise is on it's way to Betazoid for the Beta Prime wedding ceremony. Let me digress for a moment. When does the current U.S.S. Enterprise (which I believe is an aircraft carrier) decide to travel anywhere so that anyone on the ship can get married? Someone answer me that? So why the hell does the Federation send it's flagship starship to Beta Prime so someone can have a second wedding ceremony? Anyway, while on their way, they pick up a strange positronic signal from a planet near the Romulan neutral zone. There, they find another twin of Data, although it turns out he's stupid. Anyway, why do we care? Can you say trap? Can you say Trojan horse?

From there, they get back heading to Beta Prime, only to be called on to negotiate peace with the new Praetor of Romulus, Shinzan. Turns out he's not even Romulan. He's Reman and he is avenging the subjugation of his people by the Romulans by taking over Romulus. From there, he feels the need to conquer the Federation. Of course, the peace feelers are a ploy, and the battle begins.

Oh, and did I mention that Shinzan is a discarded clone of Picard? Yep. He is. Apparently that is why he hates the Federation as well as the Romulans.

Lots of stuff about how the essence of humanity is the our desire to better ourselves. So Shinzan isn't a full human because he doesn't want to better himself, and neither is B4 (Data's brother android) for the same reason. BUt Picard and Data both want to, and that is why they are human. Sort of. Data is still android.

Action is good. The philosophy is boring. Luckily, plenty of action. Oh, and I laughed at all the completely inappropriate moments! Once you've seen the movie, you'll know when I laughed.


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