King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

The Lost Wallet

Story time folks!

A little over three years ago I lived in Bremerton. At the time, I spent a fair amount of time using Yahoo Chat, specifically the Seattle room. Karri knows of this community. I had been using it for time killing for a few years, starting sometime when I lived in North Idaho. I think I met Maggie in that forum. I'm not sure. I flirted a little. She asked me out. I accepted. (My policy is I never turn down a first date with someone unless I am already involved, or I am 100% certain the person is not my type.)

At the time, I worked in Pioneer Square for a now shuttered business called Syndeo Systems. I would take the ferry to Seattle, work late, and then ferry home. I parked in Bremerton and walked on the ferry, as the distance to my office was short and the car toll was high. Our date was to occur on a Friday, and she was going to pick me up after work.

At the appointed time, Maggie drove past in a large Suburban. Or something like that. Not a new vehicle. An older beat up vehicle. Score a point for her. I didn't get much say in the planning of the date. Apparently, all her first dates are at the same restaurant near Greenlake. It was Italian, and it was good. Afterward we went to Pacific Desserts on lower Queen Anne. That was good. And then we headed up to Kerry Park on Queen Anne which overlooks Elliott Bay. Romantic spot at night. Smattering of people lounging around the park, canoodling, looking at the view, etc. We talked some. And then it was getting late and so we headed back to the vehicle and headed down to the ferry terminal.

We say out good byes, and Maggie starts to kiss me. I go along, because I like kissing and it had been a while since I had kissed anyone at that point. But I wasn't really that interested. She was 8 or 9 years younger, and in a different place in life. After about 30 seconds of kissing, I pulled away to get out of the truck. Say my good byes again, open the door, and begin to climb out.

Then I realize something: I did not have my wallet! It's not in my inside jacket pocket anymore. I tell Maggie this. We crawl around the floor of the SUV looking for it. Not there. She drives back to Pacific Desserts (which is where I had paid for food, so I knew I had it then). They don't have it. We drive up to the park. No sign of it there. It's gone. No identification. No credit cards. No ferry pass. No money!

Back at the ferry terminal, I have to borrow $5 from Maggie so I can get home. Before I get out again, she moves to kiss me good night a second time, but I pull away. All the issues from before still exist, and now I am suffering from embarrassment for having to borrow money from my date. Quickly I scamper into the terminal, and I never see Maggie again.

A year or so later, I get email from her asking me what went wrong, because she was really really into me. We kept up occasional correspondence and instant message chats for a while, but I have not heard from her since I stopped using Yahoo Messenger.


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