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I haven't posted any life updates recently because they all seem Too incomplete to post. Nevertheless:
  • my remodel is progressing. I should have my living room back this week. The kitchen will not be finished until after I return from WisCon.
  • I will be attending WisCon again. I will be road tripping there, leaving a week from Tuesday.
  • I have been slowly getting content moved from my old book blog to my new book blog, after which i shall start posting again.
  • I appeared on the inaugural episode of the Lady Business+ podcast to discuss Kameron Hurley's God's War.
  • I've been working on a paying project since January.
  • I haven't been working on genealogy since then.
  • I think I will take genealogy continuing ed courses at UW this fall. I don't know that it will teach me anything I can't learn on my own, but it might teach me more rigorous ways of approaching it. It's a yearlong program.
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