King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Gimme some bread!

Bread Slices
Photo by Slice of Chic (CC By-Nc-Nd)

Why did I hate the crust on bread when I was a kid? The crust on bread hasn’t bothered me in years (that I remember anyway).

I remembered why last week. When shopping, I thought I would save a buck or so by buying a cheaper bread than I normally do. Mind you, I don’t normally buy artisan bread or anything particularly fancy. So this one time, I bought a cheaper kind, which I can’t tell you what it is now because it comes in a pack of two loaves and I threw away the outer bag which had all the brand information on it.

I made a sandwich outta this bread. Bleah. The middle of the bread wasn’t awful, but just a bite or two from the crust and I didn’t want to finish the sandwich. I will throw away the bread once I get over the idea of throwing away food that hasn’t “gone bad”. (It was bad to start!)

Mom always bought the cheapest bread possible because we didn’t have much money and there were 5 kids. She was also part of some cheese coop where a bunch of mothers bought cheese in bulk to save money. I have no taste problems with cheap cheese though. I buy that all the time.

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