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Why brick and mortar stores are dying: a tale

One of the things I want to do is start writing letters to people. Actual handwritten letters.

I do not have stationery. So I took the bus downtown after work to look for letter sized lightly lined stationery. I stopped at Office Depot (all sorts of paper!), Papyrus (a paper store) and Hallmark. None of them had stationery for writing letters. Cards, yep! Invitation kits, yep! Stationery for laser printers, yep!

90 minutes wasted. There’s another “fine paper” store downtown called de Medici, but they close at 5:30.

Guess I’m going to look on online. I know I can find it, and I don’t have to subject myself to a 71 bus full of U.W. students, cold weather, and sore feet.

Fleur de Lis Paper Lined Stationery
Fleur de Lis Paper Lined Stationery from Maggie’s Stationery

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