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Alfred Edgar Burton

Usually when I stop at a cemetery to photograph the headstones for relatives, I will photograph a section or two around the one I’m looking for. Then I’ll catalog those graves with the photos on I’ve found a number of relatives because other folks have taken the time to add listings that turned out to be related to me. Occasionally someone will find the listings I add and it will help them.

This grave is the first one I’ve run across where the person was semi-famous. It’s Alfred Edgar Burton, buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Portland, Maine. I snapped a photo of this one because his marker inscription said he was the first dean of M.I.T. Turns out he also accompanied Robert Peary on a couple of excursions to the North Pole and was also the father of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harold Hitz Burton.

Grave of Alfred Edgar Burton

Alfred Edgar Burton (1857-1935)

Alfred Edgar Burton

Alfred Edgar Burton

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