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2012 Sounders season ticket package arrives

On my way out of the door to the office (yes, I actually have an office now) this morning, my phone rang and the caller I.D. said it was from the lobby. I wasn’t expecting anyone, so that meant it was a package delivery and probably my Sounders tickets, and it was!

I opted for actual paper tickets this year instead of the new season ticket cards. I lose wallet sized cards way too often to make that a good option for me.

The new tickets themselves do not have pictures of Sounders players anymore. Instead, there’s a view of Seahawks Stadium with the crests of the Sounders and each of their opponents. I wonder if that has anything to do with the rescheduled match last year. Did people get too confused about which ticket was which?

The scarves this year are black and green. I really like the new look, which you can see in this photo from

2012 Sounders season ticket package

2012 Sounders season ticket package

In other Sounders news, I still haven’t decided where I want to watch the Santos Laguna away match. I could watch online, but the CONCACAF announcers are awful. I could go wherever E.C.S. plans to be, but that’s usually too crowded for me. I can’t hear the announcers over the yelling, chanting, and singing from E.C.S. I’ve watched at Forza, but they’ll let whoever is there vote on what to watch and the students don’t seem to be particularly huge football fans.

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