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I Win Con or Bust - 2012

One of my favorite charity efforts is Con Or Bust, which, in association with the Carl Brandon Society, sends fans of color to science fiction conventions. I love it for its single-minded-ness as well as the fact that I think it's a worthy goal to diversify science fiction. The effort is funded through donations and t-shirt sales, but most of the money comes through an annual auction held on their LiveJournal community. People donate all sorts of things for the auction, but there are usually quite a number of books. This year's auction ended on Sunday. I bid on a number of items and ended up winning a bunch of books.

My haul:

The South African edition of Lauren Beukes' Moxyland. I already have her book, Zoo City, though I haven't yet read it.

Moxyland (South Africa cover)

Milk and Quickies, a self-published Indian comic book. Our targets are those of you sitting on the pot and looking for a funner alternative to the morning paper before you start the day. How could I not bid on that?

Milk and Quickies

Kristine Kathryn Rusch's space opera series beginning with Diving Into The Wreck.

Diving Into The Wreck coverCity of Ruins coverBoneyards cover

The second book in the Dark Matter anthology series that collects speculative fiction written by black writers. I read the first a couple years ago. This one will be signed by this year's WisCon guest of honor Andrea Hairston who contributed to the book. (I also won an item donated by the other WisCon guest of honor this year, Debbie Notkin. But that's not book related, so there's no cover to post.)

Dark Matter: Reading the Bones cover

Stephen Blackmoore's City of the Lost.

City of the Lost cover

Chesya Burke's Let's Play White.

Let's Play White cover

A short collection of steampunk stories written by writers from Singapore: The Steampowered Globe.

The Steampowered Globe cover

Lost Everything by Brian Francis Slattery.

Lost Everything cover

And lastly, Somewhere Beneath Those Waves by Sarah Monette.

Somewhere Beneath Those Waves cover

The auction is still over but they are still selling t-shirts and taking donations. I picked up one of the shirts at WisCon last year. Nearly every time I wear it someone strikes up a conversation with me over what it means. It's a great conversation starter.

Con Or Bust shirt (red)

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