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Early photos of Joseph Peter Weiss and Frances Ryan Weiss

Joseph Peter Weiss is my great grandfather. He died in the 1960s, so I never met him. His wife was Frances Ryan. The Weisses are German, the Ryans Irish. When Anne Falconer sent me photos from Clara Weiss’ album a few months ago, a few of them were of Joseph and Frankie. Without ado, here they are:

Click on each photo to go to the page for each photo on my genealogy site where larger scans can be downloaded.

Joseph Weiss (early 1870s)

Joseph Weiss (early 1870s)

Most of the photos that Anne sent me were copies she had made. However, she sent me an original print of the photo above!

Joseph Weiss early 20s

Joseph Weiss early 20s

Joseph and Frances Weiss (about 1891)

Joseph and Frances Weiss (about 1891)

Frances Weiss holding a child

Frances Weiss holding a child

I don’t know for certain which child this is. It is likely either my great aunt Marie or my great uncle Joe Jr.

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