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Got Milk?

So I go to the kitchen to buy some cookies to snack on (no lunch today), and I look at the bottom of the machine. The machine is selling on the its bottom shelf half pints of milk.

Beverages are free to employees here. You just have to go to the beverage cooler and pick one out. It's the same Darigold milk. For instance, 2% or tasty chocolate milk. Mmmmmmm.

So, it's time for a poll...

Poll #75605 Which class of people are the morons?

Why is there milk for sale in the kitchen when it is free?

Vending company employees are clueless and haven't yet figured out why there have been no milk sales
Cow-orkers are clueless and are actually paying for something that they could have for free
Free beverages are about to be eliminated and the vending service jumped the gun
Other (add comment or fill in question #2)



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