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Cascadia Summit – Sounders vs. Whitecaps

The match today was a lot more entertaining than Friday’s match. The Sounders started their second string guys. Unlike the first string guys, they controlled the ball a lot better. On Friday it felt like we would inevitably turn the ball over before we could get down the field. We had a lot of chances then, but they came from our mids taking the ball away. Today, Friberg had some really good passes and through balls. He worked really well with Michael Tetteh on the left side. Both of them really impressed me. As for the other new guys, Servando Carrasco played solidly, though not spectacularly. O’Brian White on the other hand, seemed like he was really out of step. His timing was really off. He was not in the right place for winning headers. He missed passes from the wing that were as if they expected him to be somewhere else.

What was bad though, shockingly, was our defense. Supposedly that’s our deepest area. For the most part they played well. I wasn’t cringing every time the Whitecaps attacked. I knew they could handle them and they did. But they had three unforced errors that led to goals for the Whitecaps. Tyson Wahl inexplicably didn’t handle a back pass and it dropped onto the feet of the other team. The guys sitting behind me thought it was Boss’ fault there for not coming out. I don’t think he had a chance though. Two on the goal keeper means he’s gonna lose no matter what he does. The second he mishandled what should have been a clean snatch. The third Ianni failed to clear the ball.

I love Montano’s enthusiasm. I really hope they keep him over Pat Noonan. Noonan doesn’t add a lot to the team skill wise anymore. I think he’s actually somewhat better than Montano at this point, but he has no upside. Montano has a huge upside, and obviously loves to play.

I wish we could have seen Mauro Rosales play. I’d like to see for myself if he’s any good.

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