King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

2011 Goals – Week 2

A little late getting this posted this week. This reflects the status as of Sunday night.

Grandparents’ estate: Got word from the state that they are denying the death benefit claim. Need to decide whether to appeal. Will ping lawyers and CPA this week on status of things in their hands.

Mom’s estate: Nothing happened that I know of. Dad reports he has mail from Vanguard. Will head up there this week to see if any of it is related.

Gym: Fail.

Cooking: Cooked 4 meals at home this week, not including the pies for Pie Night.

Swedish: About 1 hour spent on Swedish, mostly on pronunciation. Game theory: Fail.

Dating: Asked out two women this week. No dates.

Travel: Not yet booked.

House: Cleaned up for 15 minutes 6 of 7 nights this week. Productivity: Was productive 4 mornings shortly after 9 a.m. One day fail.

Book blog: Did nothing this week. Fail.

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