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King Rat

2011 Goals – Week 1

I have the internet, and I’m not afraid to write stuff on it that you don’t care about!

Grandparents’ estate: Received and cashed a check from the last insurance policy for my grandparents. Notified the CPA of the same payment. Submitted a claim to the state for a death benefit for my grandfather. Waiting for CPA to do tax return.

Mom’s estate: Got confirmation that her IRA was moved into a new account at Vanguard. Confirmed with Vanguard that they have the transfer paperwork to move it to RBC. Waiting for transfer to happen. Waiting for RBC new account confirmations. Following that, paying lawyers and CPAs, filing with probate.

Gym: Fail.

Cooking: Cooked twice this week successfully. Attempted a third time but botched the meal. Should start tracking how many times I eat out.

Swedish: About 3 hours spent on Swedish, mostly on pronunciation. Understand the basics of Swedish pronunciation, but not the multitudes of special cases. Game theory: Fail.

Dating: Did not ask anyone out this week.

Travel: Not yet booked.

House: Cleaned up for 15 minutes 5 of 7 nights this week. Productivity: Was productive 4 mornings by 10 a.m., and most mornings shortly after 9 a.m. Friday was not productive at all.

Book blog: Installed theme and contact form for one piece of transfer. Need to do formatting and enter data.

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