King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

My thoughts are with you Robert

I’ve posted some of Robert Jimenez’ signs and postings before. He tends to frighten other people, but locals like him. He’s harmless. He just wants to tell the world about the demon conspiracy.

Today Robert and all his signs but one were gone.

Photo of Robert's sign announcing Irene's death

Irene passed away Sunday as she was at Leon Sullivan Nursing Home the last 30 days ±

The sign had blown into the street, but one of the neighbors set it back up.

Irene was the owner of the house Robert lived in. I put that in quotes because Robert slept outside on a plastic chaise lounge under an awning, sometimes watching a portable DVD player. Whenever his signs were gone in the past, it meant he’d been committed for 72 hours. Now I worry that this will be a little bit more permanent. I worry that Irene’s family will sell the place and Robert will have to move on. I worry that they’ve already done so.

Even though he was mentally ill, Robert loved Irene. I worry that he’s taking this badly.

If he ends up in your neighborhood, keep an eye on him. Don’t let anyone give him shit because he’s crazy. Take care of him for us Eastlakers.

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