King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Possible posting of genealogy subject matter to LJ

One of the things that's been occupying my time for the last 8 months or so is assembling my family genealogy. I started with some sketchy notes my grandmother assembled, and now I'm sorta hooked. It's like working a jigsaw puzzle, with the added benefit of learning interesting things about my family.

There's a lot of stuff I've learned, information about my family as well as the process of assembling the puzzle. I'm gonna start writing some of this down because the genealogy database I'm using isn't really that good for telling stories. Great for storing the information though.

Question is, do y'all want to see that stuff posted here? It's gonna get written, but doesn't have to show up here. It may end up reading like that guy who wants to tell you the roll by roll details of the last time he filled in a character sheet for his favorite RPG. I don't intend to use LJ filters for this. It's all or nothing.

Poll #1656288 obsessive genealogy posts

Do you want to read semi-obsessive posts about Phil's genealogy on LJ?

Don't care


I object to the lack of a "STFU Nyx" option in the first question
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